We utilise the latest ARCHICAD building information modelling (BIM) technology to enable full 3D simulation of your design and its relationship to its environment. This process is critical to identifying potential issues for the project early, saving clients time and money.


Fully co-ordinated structural detailing is completed in house, realising the full benefit BIM has to the design and delivery process.


We have extensive knowledge of council planning controls, building codes and regulations and associated legislation which can help minimise potential conflicts in your development application and keep the process as smooth as possible. Project feasibility is always the key consideration in our project design and having an experienced builder undertaking the concept and design phase can maximise your development’s returns by continually identifying opportunities to reduce costs during the early design phase.


Projects can be undertaken on a design and construct, design only or construct only basis.


Contact us for some examples of design work and to find out more about how we can assist in your development.



The company is equipped with extensive plant and equipment including, but not limited to:

  1. Scaffolding – both steel ‘quick-stage’ system and aluminium
  2. Concrete formwork for conventional suspended concrete slabs as well as other composite systems such as ‘bondek’
  3. Full compliment of concrete placement and finishing equipment
  4. Palfinger truck crane
  5. Many trade tools and equipment


We are confident in our estimating and tendering abilities and can win and deliver projects under any contract structure including lump-sum. A commitment to client satisfaction means the projects are always closely managed to ensure the highest quality and to realise any potential cost savings to benefit the client during the construction process.


Property Development

Our wide range of contacts, as well as strong understanding of all phases of the development process gives us the edge you need to maximise your project’s profitability. Joint development opportunities are possible, contact us to find out more.